2016 Tournament

The petanque community from Louisiana, Texas and far beyond (Romania, France, Beligum) enjoyed a great tournament in Lafayette. The challenges of inclement weather and a rainout on Saturday was mitigated by a sunny Spring Sunday in Girard Park.

Placing first were the French team Bernard Champey and Gerladine Ortiz. Champey is a former boules world champion, now retired from formal play, who travels to promote the game throughout the world. This was his eighth visit to Louisiana for tournament play. Ortiz is from the couple’s home village in Antraigues sur Volon in the Ardeche Department in the south of France.

Placing second were Rudolph Valee, a French chef, and Ed Priest; both are from the French Legation Petanque Club in Austin Texas. Valle and Priest have more than 50 years of petanque experience between themselves informing their play.

Placing third were Siva Nunna and Andrew Barron from the Thibodaux Swamp Petanque.

Placing fourth were Thierry Amisse and Hasmukh Patel from the French Legation Boules Team from Austin, Texas. Both Amisse and Patel have played well against very good players at national competitions.

Fifth Place: New to the local petanque club (La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette) are the team of Alex Hayes and Austin Keller.

Sixth Place: Huy Nguyen, a young environmental chemist, and John Oliver, a landscape designer, are independent players from Lafayette.



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