Who we are

We are a group of people with a few things in common – the love of the outdoors, the love of good conversation and a healthy appetite for fun. Some of us do our socializing in French, as the game of pétanque is French in origin, and is popular throughout France. We play on a regular monthly schedule, and also play whenever the weather is nice and the mood strikes us.

Ways to participate

Lafayette’s pétanque community is diverse, not only in who we are, but also in how we participate. Some members play only once in a while, others are on the courts several times a week and some are serious and play in tournaments. How you participate is up to you:

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

our history

  • May 2008 – The Federation Internationale de Boules proposes the Tournee en Louisiane
  • Mid 2008 – 60 Sets of Petanque Boules are donated to the Lafayette francophone community by Obut, premiere manufacturer of Petanque Equipment.
  • Summer 2008 -Pétanque is added to the monthly Alliance Française Pique-nique ; French members teach Louisiana members how to play pétanque.
  • Fall 2008 – The two long narrow pétanque courts are built with private and public funds for materials and all volunteer labor.
  • March 2009 -la Boule Cadienne begins hosting annual tournaments.
  • January 2011 -The large square pétanque court is added to the Place de Petanque.