2018 Tournament

Our 2018 tournament was a great success! After the first three rounds of preliminary play, here were the scores and rankings, which were used to determine the finalists:

Then we broke the top four teams in the final rounds and the bottom four teams into the consolation rounds, which ended up with the final scores of the elimination rounds like this:

So our final tournament winners this year were:

  • 1er place tournament champions : Team #2 – Collin Castille, (Lafayette), Bernard Champey (France), Jean-Yves Peronnet (France)
  • 2e place : Team #3 – Kevin Domingue, Christian Shackleton (both from Lafayette)
  • 3e place : Team #7 – Thierry Amisse, Rudy Vallée (both originally from France, now living in Austin, TX)
  • 4e place : Team #9 – Corinne Benizio, Jean-Paul Gottoz (both visiting us from France)
  • 5e place : Team #6 – Andrew Barron, Siva Nunna (members of the petanque club in Thibodeaux, LA)
  • 6e place : Team #1: Tatiana Luzan (originally from Balarus) , Christophe Pilut (originally from France)
  • 7e place : Team #11 – Laurence Cuff, Tatiana Martinez
  • 8e place : Team #5 – Géraldine Ortiz (France), Virgile Beddok (originally from France)

Congratulations everyone, and thank you all for making this year’s tournament a great one!