Where and When

Regular Monthly Games

When: 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, 2PM-until
Where: Girard Park, Pétanque Courts

We play monthly as a club, every Second and Fourth Sunday of the month.  We meet at the public pétanque courts in Girard Park. The courts are located in the northeast corner of the park, across from the rear of the UL Alumni Center. Parking is conveniently located along the one way street behind the center.  Feel free to to bring food and drink - we often share a bite to eat and some great conversation when we get together.

“Pick up games” happen all the time. Follow us on facebook, or contact us directly for more information.

Watch the slideshow of our club building the large court in 2011.

Roland & Karl spread the fine clay and sand.

Michel's Truck at the Northwest corner of the new terrain

The krewe spreads the tan pea gravel on top of the grey limestone.

Roland (in the green shirt) spreads the tan pea gravel on top of the grey limestone.

The size of the limestone in comparison to Mike's hand.
Give a hand to scale, size, and texture of the pea gravel.
4" x 4" rot-treated lumber is used. The two upright posts are driven into the ground after adding points with a saw. We saw the top of the posts after they are driven into the ground. The level is used to keep edge wood level.
Michel hammers the rebar into the wood frame.
Measuring the location of the placement of holes where the 1/2" rebar will be hammered into the wood and then into the ground.
The pea gravel is spread over the limestone.
Roland, Karl, and Michel are spreading the crushed granite mixed with clay on top of the pea gravel.
We are taking a break from spreading the crushed granite mixed with clay. This is hard work.
Debra and Karl are spreading the crushed limestone.
Karl, Mike, Christophe, and Debra are spreading the last of the crushed granite into last corner of the terrain.
Roland rolls the huge rolling compactor filled with water.
Christophe gawks at the camera while Debra waits for something to happen.
Mike smiles too and waits for something to happen.
Debra is smiling , taking a break from waiting for something to happen.
The entire gang takes a pause that refreshes and all smile from right to left: Michel, Karine, Mike, Christophe, Roland, and Karl. Debra takes the picture.
Michel pushes the wheel barrow under the tree.
Christophe operates the motorized compactor.
Mike can also push the wheel barrow.
Michel gets out of the way as the dump truck unloads the pea gravel.
Jean-Phillipe, Colin, Stephan, and Mike get out of the way when the dump truck unloads the pea gravel.
Jean-Philippe and Mike make hand signals to the dump driver driver where to unload the pea gravel. Stephan know to get out of the way. Colin and Carl know better than to try to position the truck. Michel looks on in wonder. Karine takes the picture.
The dump truck dumps the entire load of pea gravel. The gang prepares to spread it.
The limestone is spread before the dump truck unloads the pea gravel.
Jean-Phillipe, Stephan, Mike, and Carl wait for Christophe to finishing looking pretty for the camera so that they can spread the pea gravel.