5th International 2013 Lafayette Petanque Tournament

The 5th International Lafayette Petanque Tournament was held over the weekend of Friday, March 15 to March 17, Sunday, 2013.

The Petanque Soiree was held at Cite des Arts in Downtown Lafayette. Music was provided by the well-known photographer, Phillip Gould, and Katherine, who played accordion and violin. The songs were French and Quebec standards with an edge of Cajun thrown in.

The Saturday Children's Tournament was held in Girard Park in the afternoon with 17 doubles competing. Some were seasoned players, but the majority were first time players. A large contingent of players were from Episcopal School of Acadiana and Sacre Couer in Grand Coteau. Rounding out the other half of the competition were children from Lafayette and New Iberia parish public schools,many of whom were from the French Immersion Program.

The event was opened by Mayor President Joey Durel of Lafayette Consolidated Government. The event closed with presentation of trophies donated by Stephen Cousineau and his employer, Orkin.

The Sunday Adult's competition was held in Girard Park beginning in the morning with 20 doubles competing. Many of the players were from the local petanque club, La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette, but a large contingent of competitors came from the Heart of Texas (HOT) Petanque Club in Austin and a team or two from Thibodaux, Louisiana. The competition was organized into a knockout tournament with a primary (winner's) bracket and a secondary (loser's) bracket. All play except the semi-finals and finals in both brackets were played au sauvage on regular ground. The finals were played on the four standard rock, gravel, crushed granite and sand courts as found in France.

The players broke for lunch with baguette sandwiches provided by Poupart's Bakery and P√Ętisserie and soft drinks provided by the local distributor, Lafayette Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

The tournament ended with presentation of trophies and merchandise from Obut, the premiere manufacturer of all things petanque, by Bernard Champey, a former multiple Boule Lyonnaise champion. Unlike previous year Mr. Champey did not organize the competition, but played with his lifetime partner, Geraldine Ortis, bowling over the competition and placing first.

Special additional thanks to:

OBUT, the premier manufacturer of all things petanque for providing gifts and gratuities to winners and participants.

Lafayette Visitor's and Convention Bureau for their generous support enabling the purchase of needed items.

Anonymous Friends for providing generous support for music by Phillip Gould and Katherine.

Poupart's Bakery and P√Ętisserie and Lafayette Coca-Cola Bottling Company for the food.

The French Teachers from Episcopal School of Acadiana, Sacre Couer of Grand Coteau, Les Amis d'Immersion (Parent-Teacher Association) and the Immersion Program of Lafayette and New Iberia Parish Public Schools for providing a broad range of support and encouragement to the children's tournament.

Orkin for providing the children trophies and Centre International de Lafayette for providing the children's winner's certificates.

Downtown Tee-Shirts for converting our logo design and helping us select shirts not made in sweat shops. but rather in places where a fair wage is paid.

Dr. David Victor Maraist and other baord members of Alliance Francais de Lafayette for showing their support for the tournament.

Bernard Champey and Geraldine Ortis from France for being masters of their sport and sharing their lifetime of knowledge.

Muriel and Colin Castille for hosting Bernard Champey and Geraldine Ortis from France.

John Francois, Deborah Amis, and Dennis Sullivan for organizing the Cite des Art Petanque Soiree.

Maureen Brennan at Cite des Arts and hosting the Petanque Soiree and providing beverages during the evening.

Christophe Pilut for keeping score and regulating the games as well as everything else he did that is too long to write out.

Christophe Pilut, Michel Trujillo, Stephen Cousineau, Eric Szczepaniak, and Luk Servaes for organizing the children's teams.

The prep gang who manicured the courts: Deborah Amy, John Francios, Steven Dungan, Christophe Pilut, and Michel Trujillo.

The clean up gang who help round up and haul out the equipment from the park: Thierry Amisse, Earl Lowell, Arsene Dupin, Rick Armstrong, Christophe Pilut, Michel Trujillo, Colin Castille, Eric Szczepaniak, Luk Servaes, and last but not least, John Francois.


Children results:

(1) Aline Malik & Arden Frantzen
(2) Ellis Hernandez & Griffin Babineaux
(3) Alexa Fowler & Ashton McReynolds
(4) Skyla Judice & Eleanor Szscepaniak

Adults results:

Primary Round

First place :Geraldine Ortis & Bernard Champey
Second place : Al & Arlette Guarisco
Third place :Thierry Amisse & Earl Lowell
Fourth place: Fred Belot & Julien Le Guen

Secondary Round (Consolante):

First place : Arsene Dupin, Rick Armstrong
Second place : Colin Castille and Michel Trujillo
Third place: Muriel Castille and Francois Roissard
Fourth place: Eric Szczepaniak and Luk Servaes

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  1. Christophe Pilut
    And so so thank you to our Captain/President of La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette!! Without his constant support, work, advises, funding, time, etc., nothing would have been possible. Thank you to his family and his wife Angela for supporting him and let him be so available for the petanque club. I know what I mean... Bien merci Capitaine Mike!

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